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and i will deal with him a bit later on in the broadcast. next on the rundown, juan and mary katharine react to the talking points. >> continuing with lead story conservative and liberal america attacking mitt romney and me over entitlements. joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both are fox news analysts. juan, you used to work for the "the washington post." >> i did. >> bill: what about that hit peace? come on? the o'reilly romney view of the world. sounds like i ran for president and he was v.p. on the ticket. [ laughter ] >> i think when they start with the name-calling, i have no used for it, bill. i have had to deal with this as a black person on school vouchers, as well as comments about muslims in the airport. you know that's what i said. that's not what i'm thinking. i know you personally, that's just crazy. i think romney and ryan, romney spoke about the president's base as if he was rewarding elements of the base. ryan spoke about an urban population, that's getting closer. and it's worrisome. but the real issue i have the one i want to discuss wit
over the republic party i appreciate it juan and mary katharine on how they see the future of the republic party. and later, congress is turning up the heat on president obama over the benghazi terror attack. we're going to talk to the man leading the charge. those reports after these messages. >> laura: continuing with the lead story. media types who are quite friendly to democrats are analyzing the g.o.p.'s future. in light of its failure to oust president obama and then some are actually predicting a civil war. >> so give me your bottom line on the republics now. we talked about the soul searching what do they do next. >> soul searching perhaps civil war. have you loo-to-look at this party right now. they have won the popular vote once since 1988 in the presidential race. and it was probably best summed up by al, the head of the american conservative union. he says the party is too old. too white, and too male. >> laura: with me now juan williams and mary katharineham. both are fox news analyst. too white, too male. harry reid. i find this obsession with race and gender
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.o.p. civil war looming? juan williams and mary katharine ham will be here to analyze. >> i think republics can change their position, be a lot more open to actual amnesty with enforcement. and to make a bold change in their policy. >> laura: with latinos turning out huge for barack obama. what must republicans do to appeal to this growing item graphic group? we will debate it. >> we have got four americans dead. and we are still saying i think it's the result of the video that was on youtube. the people of america should be outraged. >> laura: congress turning up the heat on the obama administration over its handling of the terror attack in benghazi, libya. so will we finally get the answers we have been looking for? we'll have a special report. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi,everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. disbelief and despair on the republic party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo since romney and electoral landslide tuesday night. i feel like i have become the
on the philosophy i just put forth? joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analysts. on paper where would you rather live, juan. >> on paper i would have to agree with you. it sounds like texas is the place. again, that spirit of freedom. i must say when you said that thing about people not wearing helmets on motorcycles it, reminded me of the whole healthcare debate. i don't want to have to pay when that person goes smoosh on the street. >> bill: that's a legitimate point that people who are irresponsible and hurt themselves oftentimes then wind up in a long-term care facility and the taxpayer has to pick it up. however, you have got to decide, juan and i want you to decide right now. which is worse? the government imposing a lifestyle upon you or basically, look, you are 21 years old and up, by the way under 21 in texas have to wear the helmet. 21 years old and up, you know, can you do what you want to do which is the greater good? for you? >> well, for me, again, i understand what you are saying about this notion of personal freedom. especially when
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it with juan williams. political analyst. and mary katharine ham, also a fox news contributor. juan, pick florida, for instance, which don't know where that state will ultimately end up, take, florida, virginia, colorado, nevada, those are states that used to be reliably conservative and seem to have gone into the, well, they all went into the obama category this time. we don't know about florida yet. you change those around, you have got a different president. what happened? >> well i think in large part it was the presence of the latino vote as a significant bloc, jon. i think this is part of the changing face of america in general and population. but in the specific context of last night's election it is the changing face of the american electorate. you take a state like florida, you know, used to be, you would think, it is cuban-americans. now as we heard, puerto ricans, people coming from all over latin america. they are not reliably republican voters. in fact, last night, cuban-americans went for romney but the rest of that latino population, way outnumbered them and went heav
approach to reducing the nation's deficit. let's bring in our panel. mary katharine ham editor-at-large of hot and fox news contributor. peter mirijanian former advisor to the clinton-gore and gore-lieberman campaigns. when the president arrives at the white house to speak, he will have people behind him, ordinary americans who reached out to the white house and want their $2,000 middle class tax cut preserved. republicans are saying this is essentially a campaign stunt, a campaign appearance kind of event of the he won the election. he should get on the business of governing. what do you say? >> well, one quick observation, jon. i think what you're seeing, what i think is interesting the first social media presidency. this administration using technology and using social media to advance their agenda. but look, all presidents do this. george w. bush after his re-election famously said he has now the political capital he intend to use. so going to the public and going sort of over the head of congress is something democratic and republican presidents always do what they
to the bottom of this. rick: mary katharine ham, chris kofinis, thank you both. >> thank you. rick: senator bob corker of tennessee has been briefed by the state department on benghazi. he took part in a classified briefing before the senate foreign relations committee yesterday and he joins us now from the hill. good to see you, senator. what do you think about this idea of a something like that committee? would you behind that? >> i think some process to get everything in one time may be needed. as was mentioned there are a number of hearings taking place and maybe we can condense what needs to be looked at. look, there are lingering questions. this briefing we had yesterday and we had republicans and democrats, i can assure you as democrats heard our intelligence officials say without question, that they let this administration know in realtime, immediately that this absolutely was a terrorist attack, you could see their expressions of wonder how in the world the administration came out the way they did, five days later having their ambassador to the u.n. misleading the american people the w
this morning, marjorie clifton the principle at clifton consulting. mary katharine ham, editor-at-large for and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> first question to you, mary katherine. nancy pelosi suggested maybe there is a bit of wiggle room in the $250,000 amount. maybe we could move it higher who is considered rich in this country. is that something though that you think john boehner is even interested in? >> i think it is probably something that he might consider. this is how negotiations work. congressional "fight club." they stake out their positions and sort of move closer together as they come together and actually meet and discuss this. there are couple options what they can do on the table. president signaled perhaps it doesn't have to be all about getting rates to clinton era levels. perhaps getting revenue from other places. i think that would be healthier, broader tax reform kind of deal made. i'm not sure whether they're all savvy enough to make that deal. i mean. martha: seems to me that is the major issue here. that is wh
analyst. mary katharine ham, editor-at-large at welcome to both of you good morning. >> good morning. martha: let me start with you, juan. really people have to look at the two statements and decide whether or not they think the president has done his job. >> you're right, martha. i think people have had to make that judgement. bill clinton at the democratic convention spoke about how he didn't think any president, republican or democrat, could have pulled the country out of that deep economic recession in one term. president obama, you know, even in terms of the numbers that came out this morning, strong jobs numbers said the recovery should be faster and he will have to do more in terms of producing those jobs. martha: you know, mary katherine, we're looking at the scenes of both of them out there campaigning in the final days. even when the number came out this morning i can't help but think most of this is individual feeling. doesn't really matter what the headline number is out there. do you feel like things are headed in the right direction. do you feel comfortable with
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)